Which Flavor Of E Juice Is The Most Popular?

e juiceHave you ever wondered what the most popular e juice is currently? Most people will assume that it is something quite common. It really depends on who you ask, and what they prefer. However, there is one that makes more sales than any of the others. There are many different flavors, similar to what you would expect at a hookah bar. You can get ice cream and fruit flavors in many different styles. Let's look at what the most popular flavor of e juice actually is, and then show you how to get it at a discount.

What Is The Most Popular Flavor?

When looking at fruit flavors, there is one that stands apart from all of the others in that is watermelon. It tends to be the favorite among those that like fruit flavors. If you are looking for something related to ice cream, vanilla is much more popular than chocolate or any of the others. In regard to the most popular based upon sales, the one that is the most popular is regular tobacco with menthol not far behind. You can get all of these for discount prices. You simply have to find a company that will provide you with the one that you like the most at a discounted price.

How Much Do You Have To Pay?

The amount of money that you have to pay will vary significantly, depending upon the company that you are working with. Some of them charge a significant amount for the most popular ones like tobacco flavor, whereas others charge very little for it. If you are wanting to try different flavors, and you have never done that before, this is probably going to be the best way for you to save money and try out many different things. The amount of time that you spend looking for businesses that sell these products at a discount, the more likely it is that you will start saving money with every purchase that you make.


The best thing about using electronic cigarettes you will never have to worry about whether you have made a bad choice. You can always try a different flavor, or purchase one of the newer ecigs that has come out. Best of all, you will be able to save money on every purchase once you have found a company that will provide you with the best deals. The great way to save money, and also try out new flavors regularly.